Hi, I'm Olga

The one behind the camera while you live your best moments

Congratulations on finding your forever person! I can assure you that it’s true what they all say: your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. It’s also very true when everyone says that your day will go by too fast. This is why your wedding photography is so important and documenting your life's milestones and everything in between means the world to me, as a photographer. I truly enjoy in pouring my entire heart into my clients wedding day: extravagant or simple.

On your wedding day may even catch me wiping away my tears during those special + intimate moments you invite me into, or right there on the dance floor doing the electric slide with your crazy aunt. I'm catching ALLLL the feels for your day. I want you to look back on your day through photos + be taken right back into that frame - that amazing deja-vu moment all to yourself. After your big day has come + gone, you will still have beautiful pictures to look back on to help you remember every detail of your wedding day. I promise to not only be there to capture every emotion in the most beautiful + honest way, but to be your right hand woman throughout the day so that you can focus on enjoying every last second of your wedding day. Need a bobby pin? I got you, girl! How about someone to hold your dress while we walk to another location? I’m there for you. Even just someone to hold your hand + take some deep breaths with you as you prepare for your first look? I’m on it. I want to know the story of your day, + I want your photos to tell the story again + again, for this generation + the next.


A little more about me…


I’m Cuban-American, born and raised right here in Florida | I speak English + Spanish | Love is LOVE. Period | Differences is what makes us all unique: Be the truest form of yourself | I am happily married to my high-school sweetheart #ManCrushForever | My family has alot of frontline workers in it: Nurses, Firefighters, Medics, and Police. | My husband is a front-line worker as a certified Firefighter/Paramedic (THANK YOU to all essential, military, and frontline HEROS! ) | My kids are my whole world - all those cute, adorable baby cuddles - I’m all about them. I have a boy and a girl. | I’m a bigggg animal-lover + I have three (Yep, 3) amazing rescue pups that are full of love and kisses | My business name comes from my first dog: Scribbles - he was pretty awesome. | Kinda, sorta… okay, let’s be real: I’m addicted to coffee — Caffeine powers me daily... it's the only way I can work all these crazy nighttime and weekend hours | Books - I cannot get enough of them and not enough time reading nowdays due to my workaholic nature + stealing cuddle time from my babies (lol!) | I love fiction, and adore the Harry Potter series + since I’m a hopeless romantic, I love Nicholas Sparks novels because while they are romantic, there is always a sort of tragic twist that takes your breath away & leaves me crying | I love traveling and adventures | Favorite fabric: Lace | I’m a huge Disney fan of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando | Favorite Season of the Year: Christmas time + the holidays | Favorite Holiday: Halloween - so much fun to see all the kiddos dressed up and pass out candy with my family | Favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse, with Sully from Monster’s Inc a close second | Canon is my go-to camera brand | I have a love for blush, rose-gold, gold, navy, white, and mint in my color palette | Cupcakes + cakes are way too yummy! | And donuts! Yummmmmmm! | Yeppp, I’m a foodie - I can't seem to say 'no' to good food | I live for organization + order | I am a FSU alumni + my hubby is a UF Gator all the way | Going for walks helps me relax, sometimes I go on bike rides with my kids | Hawaii stole my heart | If you ever get a chance to take a helicopter ride on any vacation you take - do it! Best thing ever! | I’m a talker + a helper | Biggest weakness of mine: workaholic | My horoscope is Virgo - I'm big-time detail oriented | Biggest Strength: passionate | I deeply value other people’s time — I make sure to appreciate their talent and time in whatever they specialize in | One of my favorite things to do is SPREAD KINDNESS. The world needs so much more of it. I love doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers all the time. It's my way of helping others because I do know what's it's like to need some kindness every once in a while. Everyone has their own battles or tough spots. I feel that more hugs need to be given and more love shared with the world. Everyone matters. | I believe the most important things in life are FAMILY and LOVE <3


Published in Newsweek

In Late 2022, Olga's work was featured in the international news publication of NEWSWEEK. Her work was showcased alongside the wedding story of Jessica and Jonathan's magical wedding day in Miami, Florida featuring the fun and exciting new Wedding #Trend of 'Flower Bros'.


Awards & Memberships

2022 - Published work in NEWSWEEK

TheKnot.Com’s Hall of Fame Award Winner - Lifetime Award

Google Top Rated Business - 2024, 2023, 2022. 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

TheKnot.Com’s ‘Best of Weddings’ Award Winner - 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

WeddingWire.Com’s ‘Couples Choice’ Award Winner - 2024, 2023, 2022. 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: 5th Place Award (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: Top 100 Images (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: Finalist (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: Top 10% of Images (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: Top 20% of Images (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

The Shoot & Share Photo Contest: Top 30% of Images (International Contest with 583,150 photos submitted!)

Married in Palm Beach - Featured Vendor

Borrowed & Blue Bridal Magazine - Featured Wedding Photographer (Multiple Articles)

Expertise Award for South Florida - TOP 25 Photographer in the Area

Professional Photographers Association Member (PPA)

Palm Beach Professional Photographer's Guild (PBPPG)

House of Flynn (HOF) - Florida Tribe of Photographers

'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' (Charity) - Charity / Non-Profit Photographer

'Little Rae of Hope' (Charity) - Charity / Non-Profit Photographer

'Capturing Hope' (NICU Charity) - Charity / Non-Profit Photographer

the dream team

Owner || Olga

Main Office Coordinator || Carrie, Samantha

Editing Team || Gabriela, Ashlee, Tatiana

Main Photography Technician || Rebecca, Taylor

Additional Team Members || Peter, Tessa, Abby, Robert, Kerri


I'm a photographer. But, hold on...

I'm your hardcore cheerleader of your greatest and most fleeting moments. I'm also your cuff link gal, the one you pop the champagne towards so those photos turn out E P I C. Now, hold on - picture this - imagine that your florist has left after dropping off your stunning florals and the arrangements fall apart because the party is getting alittle crazy too early (opps! LOL) - It's okay, no worries, I got you - I've pieced them back to together again over and over. I'm also the one to organize all the loved crazies in your party and get them ready to take on formals so you aren't sweating outside for too long. Are the kids nervous or afraid in front of my camera? It's alright - I got littles of my own and I know with smiles and making them laugh, you can do anything. I make sure they have fun and if they have fun, we'll get those photos. I'm your go-to gal for bustling that gorgeous dress so you can break it all down on the dance floor with your friends, the one that wipes off YOUR sweaty forehead in the middle of formals with my own towels and sweaters (happens all the time - it's Florida heat at it's finest). I get myself dirty before you any day of the year. How about all those buttons on the back of your dress? I can always easily get those done for you, too! I think I've buttoned thousands in my career for so many fabulous dresses that my brides have worn. I'll place your veil on your head firmly so that the wind doesn't knock it off and carry extra hair pins just for you, I'll wash off your feet after formals on the beach with my own hands and wipe your feet 100% clean to place your stunning heels back on so you can party all night long and feel fabulous, as you should. I will not go to the bathroom for 8+ hours on a normal basis, just making sure I don't miss a moment and that the timeline flows easily and well. I'm the one that leads Dad up to you carefully with his eyes closed, as he awaits to see you for the first time all dressed in your wedding day attire. I can easily in less than 15 seconds whisper to you both how to cut the wedding cake in case you might not know how to. I have throughly learned how to walk backwards without falling or knocking into things as you walk back down that aisle enjoying the very first moments as a married couple with your friends and family cheering you on loudly. My mind works 10 steps ahead to make sure you get exactly what you envision on your dream day, and I always place your needs first on that epic day you have so tirelessly planned for.

I'm your biggest and greatest cheerleader through the whirlwind of a day that is called a wedding day: "You're getting married!!! Make some noise!!!" I'm your hype person and if you are not in awe with the excitement of such an incredible day - I will make sure you feel that way no matter what. You deserve THIS. All of it.

My "main" job description is to capture the moments.

But my overall job description is an endless list of "little to-do's" and my heart could NOT be more overjoyed to do it over and over.

I live for my passion of documenting and capturing those once in a lifetime moments.

I have been photographing for over a decade (wowww... time does fly by) and I wouldn't do anything else ever.

Hi, I'm Olga and I can't wait to meet you, bestie.