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rochele + RYAN


"Olga is driven, focused and straight to the point. She isn't there to be everyone's friend; she works for you on your day and you KNOW that you are her only priority. Efficient might as well be her motto, all I can say is WOW. She is working around you, in front of you, behind your guests, she and her assistant are literally EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE. My first meeting with Olga was a year ago, she was my first booked vendor. I waited to sign off on my venue until I could be sure SMP would be able to photograph my wedding. Her office was tastefully decorated and beautiful wedding shots lined the walls. She gave me timeline options and I ended up going with one I had never even thought of. Our package included an engagement session that seriously rocked. If I had to sum up her style in two words it would be Color and Light; she is a master at both. The engagement session further solidified that she would be the loud and firm voice that we needed on our day. The day arrived and let me tell you; if you work with Olga you do not need hired wedding coordinator. She is the overseer of the timeline, you can trust her. I went with DJ Red Elephant; an Olga Referral, and they are the dream team. I had no idea how closely those two vendors work; Olga and DJ Red Elephant were so in sync. We didn't spend our wedding faking a good time for pictures, we actually HAD a good time, and I'm SURE the photos will show it. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Olga, but I'll list a few highlights... Drill Sergeant- Unruly groomsmen and family members are no match for SMP  Broken Bustle- No problem, Olga has a kit ready to go  Sandy Feet- Olga will help you rinse your feet and get your shoes back on Wait, you're leaving?- Olga offered to stay and extra hour once our time was up, I had the new invoice the following morning, easy peasy. How many vendors would just pack up and run? We will be SMP customers for LIFE! I cannot wait to see Olga and her amazing team at our next milestone!"


"Scribbled Moments Photography was very organized throughout our wedding and the entire process. They helped keep everything flowing the day of the wedding with a timeline which we were able to give to everyone in the wedding party and there was no questions as to what we were doing next! We were able to get our family and wedding party to cocktail hour! Olga really kept on track with the photos! We had such a great time looking through all of our photos. Olga and her staff were great to work with! Can't wait to put together an album of all of the beautiful captured moments!"


Jaclyn + tyler

@ The Addison, Boca Raton, FL

"A photographer was hands down the most important thing to me when I started planning my wedding. When are you ever going to have all your family and best friends in the same place as once?! Olga, Erica and Ashley were more than we could have asked for. I work in the event industry and I have never seen such an efficient team in my life! They made sure to get every photo (and more) and we still even got to go to our cocktail hour! They had a check list for the family formals and made sure everyone was there- it was incredible. They made me feel like one of their friends and made my husband and I feel so comfortable and you can really see that in the photos. I want to have another party just so we can use them again. 10 stars for Scribbled Moments!!"

"Olga was my photographer for my May 12, 2018 wedding. I already knew I liked her style of photography because I spent hours looking through her photographs before I booked with Scribbled Moments. She and her awesome assistant, Ashley, arrived right on time and communicated with the whole bridal party throughout the entire day. She stays in the background when needed and makes herself known when necessary (like during formal group shots when everyone is talking instead of focusing on picture-taking LOL). The pictures turned out absolutely beautiful and even better than I could have imagined. No joke, our wedding was Saturday night and all of my photos were ready to view by Tuesday morning. NOBODY does that. I would recommend Scribbled Moments Photography to anyone with 100% confidence that they would love their photos. Thank you, Olga (and Ashley), for capturing the best day of our entire lives in such a beautiful way. Can't wait to use Scribbled Moments again soon! <3"


"When we first contacted Olga to book, our date was taken. We then decided to move our date so that we could book her. This might have been the best decision we could have made. Olga and her team are the BEST at what they do. They demonstrated it in every communication that they sent and interaction we had. Olga accommodated our last-minute-ish request to have our engagement shoot at the magic kingdom and when we met her, we knew we had struck gold. She efficiently guided us through the park and directed our shots. She maximized our time at the park and even stayed with us to stage a special shot during the fireworks. On our wedding day, Olga and Ashley arrived and quickly got to work. They directed us but without making us feel like we were being shuffled about. They were able to wrangle our entire clan and bridal party to get the shots that they needed before they lost sunlight. They maximized our time without having us feel rushed. At our reception Olga mingled with our guests and made them feel at ease while taking pictures. She was even able to orchestrate a giant group shot with everyone. Everything was effortless, amazing and magical. We haven't even seen our pictures but we know that they'll be SPECTACULAR. Thank you, Scribbled Moments!"




"Olga and Ashley were honestly the best decision I made for my wedding (besides marrying my husband of course). From the moment I met Olga I knew she was the perfect person to capture my special day. Choosing a photographer is super stressful because you want to make sure your day is captured to remember for the rest of your lives. I knew from her professional demeanor, bubbly personality, and overall experience that she was the one I NEEDED to shoot my wedding photos, even before seeing her portfolio! When you see how much passion beams out of Olga in her photos, and hear how dedicated she is to her career there is just no way you could not want her to be your photographer. You really do get quality memories that are captured perfectly!!! For my engagement shoot, I brought my two 70lb. boxers to the shoot to have them in a few photos. My mom accidentally let one of them loose and my dog began swimming laps in the huge lake chasing after a duck. I just looked at Olga and said, "Go ahead and just charge me for another hour". She laughed and immediately went into help mode and was chasing after my dog with my husband and mother. She is not someone who is going to nickel and dime you for everything. She works until she gets the perfect shots and goes above and beyond her duty. At my wedding she brought order and organization to my day. Ashely and Olga helped me with my dress a dozen of times when I needed it bustled and even saved my cake from being sliced and served before my husband and I ever cut our cake. I got multiple compliments the day of and even after the wedding on how wonderful my family and friends thought she was. And THAT NIGHT I received a sneak peak! My photos were delivered on time and I can not stop looking at them. She is amazing and you just HAVE to use her if you want your pictures to be as perfect as your wedding day is going to be!"

"Olga was AMAZING in every step of the wedding planning & on my big day. So many people came to me & complemented how amazing she was and efficient. I can attest to how amazing & efficient all our formals were, because let's face gets exhausting doing those! I had an image in my mind on what I wanted my wedding photos to look like and she got it perfect. Thank you so much for everything Olga!"


"From our first meeting to the final product, I only have amazing things to say about Olga and her team. They are extremely helpful and organized throughout the planning process and their detailed timeline kept everyone on track the day of the wedding. You won’t even notice she’s there and in the end you’ll have the most beautiful and creative photographs of your wedding day – we can’t stop looking through them all! You can tell she truly loves what she does! I especially appreciate that she went out of her job description to lace up my dress (much faster than my mom could have done it) and embraced some of our “non-traditional” wedding activities. Hurry up and hire her for your wedding photography!"