Being a photographer is so much fun + incredibly rewarding. We have been a full time wedding photography company and industry leader for service for the past 8+ years and have shot over to 600+ weddings. Whether you're just starting out and want to learn how to make this into a business or if you're in an inspirational funk and need some encouragement + excitement to get back on track, the following all-inclusive mentor program is perfect for you. And yes, we do offer payment plan option for this investment in your career.


This is an all-encompassing mentor program that will cover everything we do from start to finish. From attracting + booking my dream clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images + blogging + getting featured. This program includes joining our team for 3 weddings to see our natural flow of work and capture. Nothing is off the table with this program, you can ask anything + everything! We are an open book. You choose what we focus on. 

These program includes 8.5 days of experience & information: 1 introduction day, 1 essentials day, 1 portrait session observation, 3 wedding observations, and 2 editing days, with 1 half-day luncheon provided by us for closure of the program and to re-cap what was discussed & learned.


Mentorship Program includes (but are not limited to):

~ 8 days of experience + information with Master Photographer, Olga.

~ finding your niche, your style, + your aesthetic

~ how to attract, meet with, + book your clients

~ shooting + posing (allowing movement to be emotional and natural)

~ finding excellent light, + learning how to adapt on those unpredictable wedding days

~ our secret to perfect reception lighting and gear

~ post-production editing + workflow

~ goal setting, hustle, branding tips, + real criticism for your work/website

~ building your portfolio + pricing guide advice

~ information on advertising, collaborating, networking, and social media influence + growth

Investment is $2500, with $800 for a non-refundable reservation fee. The remainder will be divided into 3 equal payments due before the program begins. Your travel + Stay Accommodation suggestions can be provided, but are not included in this investment pricing.

Contact us @

scribbledmomentsphoto {at} gmail {dot} com