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Congratulations on finding your forever person! As a newlywed myself, I can assure you that it’s true what they all say: your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. Unfortunately, it’s also very true when everyone says that your day will go by too fast. This is why your wedding photography is so important. Almost 10 years in the industry, and 900 weddings later, I have come to hear this time and time again from almost each + every bride: 'After all the champagne is drank and the band plays the last song, you have two things to hold onto after your wedding day; your spouse and your wedding photos!' I truly enjoy in pouring my entire heart into my clients wedding day: extravagant or simple. On your wedding day you may even catch me wiping away my tears during those special + intimate moments you invite me into, or right there on the dance floor doing the electric slide with your crazy aunt. I'm catching ALLLL the feels for your day. I want you to look back on your day through photos + be taken right back into that frame. After your big day has come + gone, you will still have beautiful pictures to look back on to help you remember every detail of your wedding day. Your photos should be a timeless reminder of your love + the love of all of your closest friends + family who came to celebrate you both. I promise to not only be there to capture every emotion in the most beautiful + honest way, but to be your right hand woman throughout the day so that you can focus on enjoying every last second of your wedding day. Need a bobby pin? I got you, girl! How about someone to hold your dress while we walk to another location? I’m there for you. Even just someone to hold your hand + take some deep breaths with you as you prepare for your first look? I’m on it. I’ll probably laugh the loudest during the funnier moments of your day, + I promise I’m very skilled in shooting through my tears when things get a bit more emotional. I want to know the story of your day, + I want your photos to tell the story again + again, for this generation + the next.

With Love at Heart, -Olga

Owner + Master Photographer of Scribbled Moments Photography

A little about me :-)


I’m Cuban-American, born and raised right here in sunny South Florida | I speak English and Spanish | I’m a bigggg dog-lover + I have four amazing rescue pups that are my entire world | My business name comes from my first dog: Scribbles | I am happily married to my high-school sweetheart | Kinda, sorta… okay, let’s be real: I’m addicted to coffee | Books - I cannot get enough of them | I love fiction, and adore the Harry Potter series + since I’m a hopeless romantic, I love Nicholas Sparks novels | I love traveling and adventures | Favorite fabric: Lace | I’m a huge Disney fan + annual passholder | Favorite Disney character is Ariel, with Sully from Monster’s Inc a close second | Canon is my go-to camera brand | I love a love for blush, navys, whites, and teals in my color palette | Cupcakes + cakes are way too yummy! | And donuts! Yum! | Yep, I’m a foodie | I live for organization | I’m a Virgo | I am a FSU alumni and my hubby is a UF Gator all the way | Hawaii stole my heart | If you ever get a chance to take a helicopter ride on any vacation you take - do it! Best thing ever! | I’m a talker | Biggest weakness of mine: workaholic | Biggest Strength: passionate| I believe the most thing in life is Family <3



Scribbled Moments Photography is a well respected, published, & award-winning Photography team serving worldwide clients. We always have our bags packed & passports ready to go! We have gorgeously captured over 900+ weddings, 3100+ portrait sessions, & over 260+ Five star reviews of our exceptional services! Olga is the Founder & Master Photographer of Scribbled Moments Photography and the one that directs & supervises the entire company in terms of its vision. Her clients love her team's photography style, her staff's sweet, energetic personalities, and her personal attention to detail as each client was her team's 'only' client. Her team's trademark images are modern, vibrant, & crisp. The team's calendars book quickly due to the all inclusive services, affordable pricing for quality artwork, & high standards of excellence to each client. Scribbled Moments Photography makes fine-art, Award-winning wedding photography affordable for all clients. Our team was established in early 2008. We are in the famous’s Hall of Fame. We pride ourselves in maintaining the industry’s highest standards. Our team of photographers, editors, and assistants proudly service over 150+ weddings and events per year. We are all certified with official education, continued education in the ever-evolving craft, and fully insured.




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