Olga, Owner & Award-winning photographer    Florals Credit in Image:   La Feterie by Juliana Schiffer

Olga, Owner & Award-winning photographer

Florals Credit in Image: La Feterie by Juliana Schiffer

Hello there...


I'm Olga, and I'm so excited that you've connected with my work and want to learn more!  This business is my absolute dream, as taking photos is the thing that I love to do most in the world. It's been the most incredible experience on this adventure, and the hands-down best part of everything is getting to meet and work with you. I am fortunate have the kindest, most fun, interesting clients, and I'd be honored to add you and your loved ones to that group! I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you, and help tell the stories of the most important days and people in your life. I believe in making things creative, collaborative, and most of all... fun!

Some things about me:

I'm a FSU alumni, and I did marry a UF Gator; I love anything sweet: donuts, cake, cupcakes, candy; my husband was my high-school sweetheart; I know exactly what its like to plan a wedding yourself - and oh my goodness - it's alot of work and effort; addicted to Starbucks; love Canon, MagMod, House of Flynn, & Sigma Art products; all my electronics are Apple; I'm a fan of beautiful florals; and I cry at weddings when couples say their vows - thank goodness, I have a big camera covering my face.   ;-)

Scribbled Moments Photography is a well respected, published Wedding Photography team based in Florida. We have gorgeously captured over 600+ weddings, 1700+ portrait sessions, & over 170+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS of our exceptional services! Olga is the Owner of Scribbled Moments Photography and the one that directs the entire company in terms of its vision. Her clients love her team's photography style, her staff's sweet, energetic personalities, and her personal attention to detail as each client was her team's 'only' client. Her team's trademark images are modern, vibrant, & crisp. The staff's calendars book quickly due to the affordable pricing, free travel in FL on their wedding day, & high quality standards. Scribbled Moments Photography makes fine-art, Award-winning wedding photography affordable for all couples! Our team is an award-winning South Florida based company, established in early 2010. We pride ourselves in maintaining the industry’s highest standards while offering affordable coverage for the every-day client! Our team of photographers, editors, and assistants proudly service over 150+ weddings and events per year. Under Olga’s direction, we have grown into a team of sought after professionals with a trustworthy reputation for consistent success! Each one of our team members has an extensive background and knowledge of their craft. We are all certified professional photographers with official education, continued education in the ever-evolving craft, and fully insured.

Professional Associations & Memberships

Professional Photographers Association (PPA)

Palm Beach Professional Photographer's Guild

Florida Professional Photographers (FPP)

House of Flynn - Florida

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - Registered Photographer

Little Rae of Hope - Registered Photographer

Capturing Hope - Registered Photographer


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