Capturing love stories

I can't explain to you how much joy I get from being able to tell your story. I love capturing and creating so many minuscule moments in time that together make up the many chapters of your life. I especially  love capturing the moments that so many people miss on your wedding day that I pay extra special attention to (since the day literally flies by).  If you want a photographer that will laugh with you, smile with you, become a friend, and probably even cry as you walk down the aisle, shoot me an email & we can grab a cup of coffee to meet each other! I'd be so happy to hear from you. 


Creating memories as they are captured

Something indescribable happens when the sun creeps up over the grass and the trees and the shore. The world awakens - my soul feels alive. At sunset, a peace falls over the land. These moments - the sunrise, and the sunsets are my favorite times to tell your story, that's when the best light shines on the world and you will see something in your pictures that feels like a dream. My style is soft, light, romantic & airy. These adjectives to me, feel timeless. I want your story to be beautiful hanging on your walls or painting the pages of an album for decades and generations to come -- so don't expect a lot of filters or trendy editing in your final pictures. I have come to learn that less is more and trends go out of style quickly -- there is such thing as photography trends! I make you look and feel beautiful, while making your true beauty shine right through the photographs. My goal is to always to create beautiful moments for you that will be timeless and treasured  for years to come.